Sunday, April 4, 2010

Start of the Season

We just finished up our second weekend tournament of the season with a current record of 1-9. It has been a really tough start – we just can’t seem to bring everything together at once. When something is on, like our hitting, our pitching and defense are down. When two things are working at once, we manage to play decent games. But we need to bring all three aspects- hitting, pitching, and defense- together if we want to compete this year. The good thing is, it’s early in the season and we are only improving. The biggest challenge is going to be keeping spirits high and refusing to give up as we struggle to get some wins under our belt. We all know that we as a team have what it takes – we just need to believe it individually and step up everytime we get on the field. Now is the time for us to decide to give up or push harder! Tomorrow we have a home double-header against Alabama A&M for.

Come out and help cheer on the softball team to a couple of wins!

-Sara Bentley, #2 SR infielder