Friday, September 23, 2011

Hannah Miranda - Heading Back Home


This past weekend the volleyball team traveled to New Orleans to play in the Kathy Trosclair Memorial Tournament at Tulane University. It was an exciting trip for all of us because it marked our last non-conference matches. It was especially exciting for me because I was able to go back home. New Orleans is only forty minutes away from my hometown of Covington, Louisiana so I had a unique opportunity to play in familiar settings. The whole team was able to go to my house in between matches on Friday to eat a nice big lunch which consisted of some well known southern dishes; our favorite being corn grits. That was a very fun moment to have the team at my home hanging out with my whole family. It was extra special being able to have my parents, sisters, nieces, and aunts come to our games and create a huge cheering section for us.

One of the most memorable parts about our trip was playing Tulane. It was a unique match for me because one of my former club teammates, Cori Martone, plays for Tulane. It is very weird competing against someone that you yourself used to compete with, but it was a good match to win. We got to catch up a little afterwards, which was a little awkward considering we had just beaten them, but it was really nice at the same time. We ended up winning the tournament and going 3-0 for the weekend. It was a surreal feeling to get to play in front of my teammates from high school and other people that would normally not have to opportunity to see me play again. I am very thankful that I was able to experience that and to win made the whole thing even better.

- Hannah Miranda