Monday, September 28, 2009

Big Week in Carolina!

It was a longgg trip to NC this week for Belmont Women’s Soccer, but we figured out a way to make it shorter. You might ask, how do you to turn a 12 hour trip into an 8 hour trip? Survey Says: Come back with 2 wins! We started out the week with an odd practice schedule & played Thursday night. A lot of other things were odd about this game too: we warmed up in pink (breast cancer awareness), it didn’t rain, & my shirt could’ve been a dress. On another note, the locker room was emotional that night too. When you have away trips, a lot of times there is a certain amount allowed to travel. This meant that starting with tonight, when we are not at home, a conscience effort will be put forth to play for our teammates who cannot come with us. Like I said last week, we cannot be successful without our ENTIRE roster. We had GREAT support from them at home & tried not to disappoint them by wasting our opportunities. We played into a stalemate at halftime & I decided it was time for an obvious & corny pump-up speech. I told everyone to put their hands on someone’s back & “flip” the “on-switch.” I didn’t feel we were playing to our potential & something collectively needed to change. They all laughed then & teased me after the game about my lame motivation attempt, but we DID end up scoring 3 great goals in a small amount of time! Granted, I have my annoying moments, but when you guys score 3 goals in 5 min, its pretty hard for me to stop doing those sort of things! We ate some food then headed to Campbell.

We practiced on Friday & Campbell’s coach tried to tell me there were snakes in the field where we were. He lied. Saturday night rolled around & we were back to our normal playing conditions: Rain. Mud. Rain. But this was our first conference game & we weren’t going to all of a sudden let the weather bother us. The “Fighting Camels” came out hard & we withstood their high energy shutting them out in the first half. Second half, we turned it up a notch & ran at them. Jayme Trocino (JTro) scored a beauty off of Elizabeth Bublis’ (Bubs) cross. But later the refs rained on our parade & called a PK. We went into OT. Bub decided we had all been out in the rain way too long & just before the 1st OT was about to end, she picked up the garbage around the goal & scored for the game winner! Starting 1-0 in the A-Sun. It was a great win for us! And also, special thanks to all our fans who came to support us this weekend & all of those who have in the past! Winning twice, got us home in a JIFF!

Belmont women’s soccer is STARTING to turn the corner. Can we continue Tuesday night against our rival, Lipscomb?…Come out to The Battle of the Boulevard to find out! For now, we’ll see ya then…or see you some other time!

-GRRRRRRRR! Renee Pilch #0 Sr.

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