Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hey Hey from the Sideline

Well our season has begun and things aren’t going EXACTLY like we had hoped. However, Lisa made a great point that we are turning a new leaf at Belmont and playing a VERY new style of attacking soccer, while still trying to maintain our stellar defense (a defense that won us the Conference tournament last year! ).This has been an adjustment that has made our climb harder, but once we hit our peak, there’s NO team in the A-Sun that will be able to compete with us. I love EVERYONE on this team for what they EACH bring to the table and once we can get 110% dedication from our ENTIRE roster, this will prove to be the most all-around talented team Belmont has ever had…one that can TRULY make a name for ourselves in the Division I world. We have fared well against tough competition, but the time for moral victories stops after August. BU can REALLY make a statement for the rest of September, BUT it is up to EACH ONE of us to decide HOW we can contribute to the success and HOW we will write our history. Belmont Women’s Soccer has raised its expectations in the last few years. The 2008 title is OURS without a doubt! But when it comes to Championships…One year CAN BE criticized as a fluke; Two years DEFINES the start of tradition..What will we do in ’09?? Stay tuned and see how our adventure plays out!..GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

—-”I believe” :) , Renee Pilch, SR Goalkeeper #0

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